IPP Superpark 20 at Mammoth Mountain

The Interior Plain Project // Mammoth Bound // Superpark 20 from The Interior Plain Project on Vimeo.
A large group including Matt Boudreaux, Kyle Kennedy, Mike Skiba, Erik Overson, Nate Lavik, Peter Limberg, and Jon Overson journeyed to Mammoth Mountain for Snowboarder Mag's Superpark 20. Arriving in a spring snow shower left the anticipation to ride boiling over. Some laps through the Mammoth's Unbound Park eased the restless legs as we waited to ride the zones Boreal Mtn, Bear Mtn, Seven Springs, and Mammoth Mtn had worked so hard on for a week. Let's just say Superpark 20 had some of the largest features we had laid eyes on. Sessions were heavy with new and old friends. Lots of lines, good times, and laughs. Thank you to Snowboarder Mag, Mary, T-Bird, Cavan, Huggy, Mike, Bridges, Bear Crew, Boreal Crew, Woodward Tahoe Crew, Seven Springs Crew, Mammoth Unbound Crew, Strange Brew, Danny Kern, Cope and Neff Crew, Trollhaugen Posse, Ashley Dawn-Byrd, Jake Durham, Milo Boys, Zak Peterson, Cody Beiersdorf, and the Limbergs' Van.

Filmed by Zak Peterson, Jake Durham, and Ashley-Dawn Byrd

Edited by Zak Peterson

Song by The Stooges - 1969


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