Stolen board retrieved

   It has been a month since Victor's board was stolen in the streets of Duluth. It was found on Craigslist a couple weeks ago being sold in Somerset, Wisconsin. I contacted the thief to ask if the board he got "second hand" was still for sale. He said yes. He told me he was back at school in Duluth and that the board was at his parent's house. He gave me his mom's number and said to set up a time with her to look at it. I contacted his mom, who then gave me the number of her husband and told me that he could meet me by the MSP airport in a couple days with the board. I thought to myself, what kind of family crime business is this?
   Yesterday I was able to meet with the thieve's dad at a gas station by the airport. As soon as I had the board in hand, I asked him if he knew that the board was stolen in Duluth a month earlier. He paused for a few seconds and replied, "It wasn't stolen, my son found it." I brought with me the receipt for the board, the serial number of the board, and photos of Victor riding the board. Even with all the proof I had, he still did not want to give the board up. He claimed his son did everything possible to find the owner of the board, and even posted flyer at his school.
   I doubt the board thief made any effort to find the rightful owner, but I told his dad that my buddy must not have seen the flyers. I did not want this awkward encounter to drag on, so I said we were going to leave with the board. He got defensive and claimed that I had no authority to take the board back because he did not believe I would give the board to it's rightful owner (Victor). It was funny hearing that from the thieve's parent, who was there to sell the board that he fully well knew did not rightfully belong to his son. I told him again that I was not leaving without the board. He remained of the defense. He then (for some reason?) wanted me to get a pen and paper and write down my full name, phone number, date, and the board owners full name, and to sign it.. Umm no. He then said he wanted me to call the owner (Victor) so he could talk to him. I don't get mad often, but this guy was pushing it. Luckily my buddy Connor came with me and stayed neutral, explaining it would be fair to call and confirm that Vic knew I was there getting his board back. I called but no answer. The guy made the comment of "Ha, of course" when the call went to voicemail. I was fucking done at that point. Connor and I took the board and left. 20 minutes later I got 5 back to back calls from the thieves mom, why? I have no clue. The whole thing was a quag of a situation to say the least, and im glad that family didn't get a penny for the board they knew was stolen. The important thing is that the board is back.

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