This is the original logo drawing of the HylanDulac series from a few seasons back. I drew it in my school notebook one night while trying to get the ambition to start my homework.
It was mid January and I had just moved to Duluth a couple weeks before to take my first term of community college. While stoked to be in Duluth, I couldn't help but feel a little Hyland homesick. Id'e grown up riding Hyland everyday since I was in middle school, and knowing I couldn't wake up and ride there in the mornings anymore was a little tough. I had been to a small snowboard hill just outside of Duluth called Mont Du Lac once the season before. The size of the hill and the vibes from the locals (many were also Hyland locals living in Duluth) were very similar to Hyland. I didn't have any money to buy a pass, but I had a voucher for a free Buck Hill season pass that I won the season before. I put it on Craigslist for $50 less than the normal price of a pass. I got a call a couple days later from a single mother who wanted to buy the pass for her 12 year old son. She told me that his friends were getting into snowboarding and that her son wanted to learn with them. She explained that she had been saving up for a couple months to surprise him with a pass and could have the money by the end of week. They were a family on a tight budget and I could relate. I met up with the two that weekend and told her I would sell her the pass for $100 (The amount of money I needed for a Du Lac pass) so that she could use the rest of her savings to get her son a board of his own. Her and her son were overjoyed and I had a flashback of when my parents bought me my first snowboard and took me to Hyland to get my picture taken for my first pass. It felt good to help them out, and I had enough money to get a pass of my own to Mont Du Lac. I continued my routine of bringing my camcorder to the hill with me everyday, as I did at Hyland, and film with friends when it felt right. I decided to combine the footage I shot at Hyland before I moved with the footage I shot at Mont Du Lac to create the HylanDulac series. This sketch is a momento of that season, and the year I knew I wanted to be a filmer

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