I.P.P Bloodlines Collection Short

Bloodlines Collection Short from The Interior Plain Project on Vimeo.
Style is the part of snowboarding that makes you feel something about another's movement. The Bloodlines Collection draws a direct line from your family rearing and upbringing to your personal style on a snowboard - from your early experiences to your first season pass to recent growth. All this shapes the style of each individual rider. This short reaches back to explores those stories and experience that have lead to now. This is a story we can all share in.

True til death

Filmed by Eric Schleicher
Additional Filming Jake Durham and Ashley-Dawn Byrd

Edited by Matt Porter
Additional Editing by Eric Schleicher

Photography by Ryan Taylor and Peter Limberg
Additional Photography Hayden Henderson, Camron Strand, Dan Huseby, and Colin Droster

Soundtrack By Zac Marben

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