Hooks and Hammers

Hooks & Hammers | Teaser from BALD E-GAL PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

I went to Cal-Surf yesterday and picked up a copy of Hooks and Hammers. BALD E-GAL has announced that after 10 years, this will be their last movie. For half of my life now, I've spent almost every day in the winters at Hyland. The first filming crew I knew of was BALD E-GAL. I would sit on top of mini park and watch these dudes make up their own lines as filmer Dan Mueller "Abortion Survivors Entertainment" would ride along side with a fisheye lens. The fun vibes these guys put out on the hill was my first look into the filming side of snowboarding, and has greatly impacted my view on snowboarding today. While watching Hooks and Hammers last night, I was beyond stoked to see I had a clip in the friends section of the movie, like really really stoked! Thanks Boody and Brandon for taking me with you guys on the Duluth trip! thanks Dan Tyler for filming me at the spot! Thanks James Olson, Victor Smith, Boody, Brandon, and Peter Limberg for pulling the bungee back! Haha yeah so anyways Bald E-Gal made my day forsure.

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